Bramwell Bate’s lawyers can guide you through
the issues and help you make the right decisions
so that your assets are protected.

From simple estate plans where all assets are left to the surviving spouse, partner or children to more complicated plans involving companies, trusts and family businesses.

Bramwell Bate’s lawyers can guide you through the issues and help you make the right decisions so that your assets are protected and passed on to those who should rightfully receive them. Bramwell Bate offers a professional and independent trustee service for trust clients; a valuable service which ensures proper and accurate trust management practices are adhered to.

  • Asset protection structures and advice
  • Trust structures (family, investment, trading and charitable trusts)
  • Estate planning (wills, testamentary or inter vivos trusts)
  • Trust administration and management
  • Residential care subsidy – advice and preparation of application

With our expertise and experience we can structure your assets and affairs to your best advantage.

Preparation of Wills

All people over the age of 18 should have a Will and Power of Attorney. A will provides certainty on how their assets and liabilities will be dealt with on their death. Our team can guide you through the implications of the Family Protection Act, the Property (Relationships) Act and other legal rules that might affect your estate to ensure that your assets go to the right people. To some this may seem like a daunting process but we assure you that it is not. Make sure your family are not left with a legal headache. Talk to our team about making a new Will today.


Bramwell Bate has an extensive trust practice and has considerable expertise and experience in trust structures, asset protection, estate planning, succession planning, trust administration and management.

Preparation of Powers of Attorney

Enduring powers of attorney can be structured to take effect immediately or only when you are unable to make decisions concerning your financial affairs or care and welfare. If you are incapacitated and cannot make decisions (or sign documents) for yourself, and you did not have powers of attorney, it would be necessary to make an application to the Family Court for the appointment of property manager or welfare guardian. This is a time consuming and expensive process which can be avoided by signing powers of attorney. We can guide you through the options and ensure that the documents are used only for your benefit.

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