Including Family Legal Advice Service
& Family Dispute Provider Services.

Family Law matters usually stem from difficult circumstances which are often stressful for those involved.

Our lawyers are sensitive to the issues you face and will help you through the legal and emotional minefield by guiding you though the rules and procedures involved. Our aim is to help you resolve issues as effectively and quickly as possible.

Issues involving Family law can be one of the most difficult times for those involved.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the rules and procedures involved within Family Law such as:

  • Family disputes
  • Advice under family law advice service (means tested)
  • Family legal advice services (means tested)
  • Access to family dispute provider service
  • Custody & access
  • Adoption
  • Family protection and testamentary promises claims
  • Separation agreements
  • Mediation
  • Relationship property agreements
  • Parenting orders
  • Guardianship orders
  • Domestic violence
  • Protection orders
  • Adoption
  • Non removal orders
  • Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) matters
  • Mental health proceedings
  • Dissolution of marriage (Divorce)
  • Family court mediations

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